My (rather feeble) Me-Made-May 2016 Plans!

by - 4/30/2016

I only started my sewing blog & regular dress making at the start of April so taking part in the popular Me-Made-May may sound a little silly. But if you've read through my blog already, you'll know I'm throwing myself in to the sewing community wholeheartedly.

When I read through the pledge's creator 'about Me-Made-May' post, to say I felt overwhelmed was an understatement. I certainly do not have enough handmade clothes to wear throughout the whole of May. But the challenge isn't a competition and is there to spur you on and inspire you to wear the clothes you've made and bring them in to your everyday wardrobe.

So even though I only have a total of 5 handmade (and wearble!) garments in my wardrobe so far, I still wanted to set myself my own, if not a little feeble, Me-Made-May pledge!

Now, I'm self employed and work from home (check out my 'About Me') and the stereotype of working in pjs is rather the reality for me. I only regularly venture out to go to the post office or food shopping, so unless I had a collection of handmade pj bottoms, my Me-Made-May wouldn't be very creative...

However May is my birthday month, I turn 25 on the 17th and I thought that would be a fabulous way to incorporate it with my pledge! So, here we go...

I, Abi of The Crafty Pinup, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear a handmade item on my birthday on May 17th 2016 for the first time ever!

I only have 4 dresses and 1 top in my handmade wardrobe so far, (with lots in the works of course) but this little pledge will spur me on to actually wear them! I'll be choosing an item from my (very small) handmade collection, style it, and wear it for my birthday celebrations.


Sign up to Me-Made-May 2016 HERE

Are you taking part in Me-Made-May? What are your pledges? Far more commited than mine, I'm sure!

Thanks for reading, pinups.

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  1. I just recently started as well! I only have 4 completed items but am planning on just wearing me made on my days off from work!