My Textile Express Fabric Haul!

by - 4/21/2016

What a wonderful selection of fabrics!

Yesterday I was invited along by my boyfriend's mum to go and visit the haberdashery Textile Express in Oswerstry, just outside Shrewsbury where I live. The store we used to have in Shrewsbury was more for upholstery fabrics and always seemed rather pricey. That was few years back now, and when I looked online a couple of days before my visit yesterday I was amazed at the range of dress making fabrics they had on offer and at amazing prices! So I knew even if I couldn't find anything in the store, at least I knew where to go online for my next fabric purchase.

I just hoped they had some of the selection in store as they did online, and I certainty wasn't disappointed...

There was so much to choose from!

Since I've been poking around the online sewing world, there's been a lot of reference to sewer's 'fabric stashes'. But I always wondered how all these bloggers, seamstresses etc could have so much fabric stored and not used. I sew lingerie & nightwear for a living, and know how much room fabrics take up, so keeping lots of unused fabrics seemed weird to me. Oh how wrong I was!

I can safely say I now have a very healthy 'fabric stash', full of fabrics I bought without any foreseeable plans... So I thought putting this little blog post together might help me organise myself a bit.

Let me show you what I picked up...

Left to right: floral viscose, polka dot cotton poplin, Hawaiian light cotton jersey.

Since I started this blog, whilst there are SO MANY vintage style summery dresses out there I want to make, realistically with our unpredictable UK Summers, I'm going to get little chance to wear them. I want to make some every day basics that I can just put on knowing they look great and are all made by me! I've got a lot of Tilly and the Button's patterns in the works, but I think the Mimi blouse (bottom left) and the Agnes jersey top (bottom right) will be perfect everyday additions to my handmade wardrobe.

I think the large teal spot poplin I picked up in the remnants bin (£3!!) will make a super cute Mimi Blouse, with matching teal or colour clashing buttons. The Hawaiian floral print is dying to be made in to a big 1950s style circle skirt or dress, definitely a Summer garment. For the other floral fabric, I think I'll whip up a pair of pjs, the fabric is so soft and has a lovely drape. Maybe it's wasted on pjs, so it may turn in to a dress yet!

Anyone else obsessed with Tilly?

Jersey tops are high up on my to do list, the Agnes jersey top pattern is on my birthday wish list so the 3 jersey fabrics I picked up will be perfect! I also saw the Agnes dress variation online and think it would be so great for everyday wear, so you might be seeing that one on the blog in the near future. 

From looking online, it seemed jersey wasn't as affordable as I thought it was. So when I found these all on sale for only £3.50 a metre (usually £5 - which is still very affordable), I stocked up big time! 3 classic retro jersey prints that will be perfect with my skinny jeans and skirts. Anyway, just a quick post to remind me to actually utilize my fabric stash. It will be much nicer to wear them than store them, so I hope I'll be able to find some time to sew up a range of tops to extend my little handmade wardrobe!
Thanks for reading, pinups Stay tuned to see what these fabrics (hopefully) turn in to!

P.S. This isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share the love and all the amazing fabrics I picked up!

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  1. I have the Agnes pattern and I am never, ever gonna use it. If someone hasn't already bought it for you I will happily send it to you. I would really hate it if it went unused.
    I'm trying everything to avoid having too much of a stash and have a fabric buying ban on at the moment!

    1. Oh that's so kind of you, but my copy arrived today! How come you won't be using yours?

  2. Great selection of fabrics! Can't wait to see what you whip up!

    1. I think I got a great diverse range, so hopefully lots of fabulous new garments too!

  3. I want to begin a stash but I don't know how much yards I need to buy. I've always wondered what seamstress and sewers alike buy. Help?

    Thank you!

    Karla xo ( from California)