Simplicity New Look 6180 - #Ginghamalong Shirt Dress!

by - 9/12/2016

My finished Simplicity New Look 6180 Ginghamalong Shirt Dress!

I love gingham. I could happily make everything in it, from dresses to curtains. So when I saw Karen from the Did You Make That sewing blog was hosting a 'Ginghamalong' (gingham themed sew along), I just had to take part! See more about it here:

The ginghamalong coincided perfectly with me catching up on New Girl episodes and spotting Zooey Deschannel wearing a gorgeous baby pink shirt dress, which I was desperate to recreate. I also had this Simplicity New Look 6180 pattern unused in my stash that I thought would be great to recreate Jess's gingham look. 

Here's a peek at the pattern:

So many great variations.

And here's a look at the dress Zooey wore:

Dress by Eliza J.

Gorgeous, right? With a fabulous shirt dress pattern already in my stash, and with gingham cotton being so affordable, I went full steam ahead on this make! Hoping to get some wear out of it before Autumn truly arrives!

Love this little collar!

I'm a self confessed shirt dress junkie. I have a lot in my wardrobe and this is the 3rd 'made by me' one. Check out my older posts to see my other shirt dresses:

And there will be many more in my sewing future! Including more of this 6180 pattern - which I loved making!

So lets talk about this dress! I bought the pattern about 5 years ago but was yet to use it. Now I wish I used it sooner! It's a great, simple pattern and I love all the variations you can try. The collar is small and reasonably straight forward & great for collar sewing newbies. There's only 4 button holes, so again, great if this is a new technique for you. And there's a easy elasticated waist, making this a super comfy, cute dress.

All of this, plus not taking long to sew, makes this pattern right up my street!

I used 4 vintage buttons from my Grandmother's extensive button stash!

I love the sharp little shirt collar, I spent a lot of time (for once) ironing it, getting the point sharp and making sure the top stitching was neat. I'm really happy with the outcome. I made the sleeves a little longer as I love rolled up sleeves on a t shirt dress, so added an inch or so the the sleeve and folded it up twice and ironed in place.

Of course, it wouldn't be true to me if there wasn't a bump in the road.... The fit. Again. This dress is too big for me. I didn't notice how big until I tried the finished dress on. It's very baggy around my waist and sides but fits as I would like across my bust. Again the bodice is too long but that's my fault for not shortening it, as my short torso isn't exactly news to me. A tailors dummy is at the top of my shopping list!

I still love this dress but without a belt it looks like a sack. However, I really love this pattern and will be making another one asap as I know I'll live in it. I'm going to cut a size down and shorten the bodice about 2 inches. I'm also tempted to try the bodice with a different skirt, it's not full enough for my tastes and I love a gathered skirt with pockets, so I think I'll be trying that with my next one.

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: New Look Ladies Sewing Pattern 6180 Vintage Style Shirt Dresses & Belt

Fabric: 2.5 metres of cotton

Notions: Interfacing, thin elastic for the waist and 4 buttons.

Sewing time: Half a day. Or a full day with tea breaks/dog cuddle breaks.

Modifications: Lengthened sleeves for rolled up finish.

Fit: Too big everywhere but bust.

Difficulty: Simple!

Watch out for: The collar and button holes. But if you're a first timer at these techniques, this is a great pattern to kill two birds with one stone!

Make again?: Yes, I'm making this dress again with better fit asap, so stay tuned for 6180 No.2!

Overall, I'm really happy with this dress but just annoyed with the fit. More annoyed that these were things I should of known to change already! However, with a belt to define the waist, I love this dress and can't wait to make more. I think it'll be a great style for Autumn with tights and boots and my leather jacket!

Try the pattern for yourself:

Have you tried this pattern? I'd love to see your take on it!
Did you take part in the Ginghamalong? Don't forget to check the Instagram tag to see everyone's awesome makes! #ginghamalong

Thanks for reading, pinups!

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  1. Ah I have Zooey's dress on one of my Pinterest boards, it's so pretty. As is your version! I agree, a fuller gathered skirt would look awesome with that shirt bodice, I love the collar with the v neck. Gorgeous :)

  2. Pink is one of my favorite colors, and when you combine it with gingham. . . It is just perfection in dress form! Your dress is lovely!

  3. The pink gingham was a perfect choice for this dress. Sorry about the fit problems, but you still look great!

  4. Gorgeous! I love pink gingham and your dress looks lovely.

  5. Aww you killed the challenge! Well done :D I'm going to pick up that pattern, I like it a lot better than the one I used. And definitely with a gathered skirt!

  6. Lovely dress !!! Pink and gingham are a perfect combo for it, pockets are always a good addition to dresses, but you can continue sewing different versions of it and make each one look different. Great job!

  7. Love your take on this pattern. It suits you very well.

  8. So pretty in your pink and white gingham dress!

  9. So pretty in your pink and white gingham dress!

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