Butterick Patterns by Gertie B6390 - Rockabilly Denim Jacket

by - 12/11/2016

Butterick Patterns by Gertie B6390 - Rockabilly Denim Jacket
I'm taking it back to the 1950s with this rockabilly look! And hey new hair cut!
Blimey, I sure did take my time sewing up this jacket! The wonderful Sew Essential sent me the supplies for this new Butterick Patterns by Gertie B6390 jacket pattern a few months back when the pattern was first released, after I'd been tweeting/Instagram-ing my undying love for the pattern whilst trying to find out when it was coming out in the UK. Along with the pattern, I kindly got to choose the fabric for my jacket. Sew Essential have such a great range of quality fabrics and I knew I wanted a classic black denim with a colour-popping lining and I found exactly what I wanted!

Here's a peek at the pattern:
Such a great style to sew yourself!
For my version of the jacket I chose a medium weight black denim, you can also see it HERE for my Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dungaree dress, it's a really great fabric and I know I'll be wanting more! For my lining I decided on a cherry printed cotton which inspired me to do red top stitching for a classic, rockabilly style denim jacket.

*I would like to point out that this jacket turned out way too big for me. Which I didn't realise until too late, so I'm rocking it as an oversized version until I make this pattern again. Once again, the whole American sizing, measurement thing along with me being only 5"4, must have confused me as I think I should have cut 2 sizes smaller whoops. If I can find time, I'd like to re-do the sleeves.* Anyway...

The main thing that made me fall in love with this pattern was Gertie's polka dot version. I'm obsessed with it and am totally planning to copy it in the Spring! 

Gertie's 1940s Rosie the Riveter inspired jacket!
Check out Gertie's own inspiration on her blog HERE.

So let's talk about the sewing. I've not made a jacket before, but have made a few garments with shirt collars and a couple of lined dresses so I hoped I'd be able to figure this one out! I was pleasantly surprised with instructions and found them really easy to follow. 

Contrast top stitching can be very unforgiving, but I think I succeeded! Just...
If you've read a few of my pattern reviews, you'll know I like a simple, one-sew pattern. However this has been the first make that remained a sewing UFO for a couple of months. Personally, I HATE setting in sleeves. So once I'd sewn and lined the body, for some reason the sleeves just made me shelf the project for a few days, then a week passed.... Eventually I got there, but did sew this in stages over a couple of months. It was my sewing project that was continuously ticking away in the background. Top-stitching takes time, especially when it's such a contrasting colour. 

The right buttons make all the difference!
I didn't find any of the sewing too challenging and would recommend this for intermediate sewists or even beginners with a few projects under their belt, looking for a challenge.

Once the majority of the jacket was sewn, buttons became my on going nightmare. I bought 4 separate lots of buttons for the jacket and just couldn't find the right ones! I got there eventually, but this was the main reason it's taken me so long to finish. But I'm glad I didn't just sew on the first ones I bought as I love the ones I eventually used. 

Jacket too big, dress too small!
Featuring my me made 'Kim' dress by By Hand London. Review coming soon!
Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Butterick Patterns by Gertie B6390 Jacket


Black Medium Weight Denim - £8.50 per m - Sew Essential
Cherry Print Cotton Poplin £6.70 per m - Sew Essential 
Iron on Interfacing - Sew Essential 

Notions: 10 metal jeans buttons

Sewing time: Drips and drabs over a couple of months. However if I was a good sewist, I think I could have made this in a couple of days.

Modifications: None.

Fit: Classic me, 2 sizes too big. Works for an oversized look but needs to be smaller for the desired effect! Next time...

Difficulty: Medium.

Watch out for: Tidy topstitching and the right buttons can make the world of difference on something like this!

Make Again?: I'd like to make another version of this, and I'd love to rectify my fit issues. I can see it being my staple Spring/Summer jacket! I see polka dot denim in my future...

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this jacket. I'm proud of my lining and think this jacket has a surprisingly professional look (even if I do say so myself...). Although it's a little too cold to wear this jacket at the moment, I think it'll be great come Spring. I'd love to make Gertie's polka dot version! And of course, I want to work on the fit and sew this pattern again with more confidence. Alas, I am always learning!

Have you tried this pattern? I also have Gertie's B6380 tea dress pattern which came out at the same time, but am yet to make it. I'd love to see your versions if you've tried either.

Thanks for reading, pinups!

P.S. I'll be reviewing this dress pattern on my blog very soon! Excuse the boobs, I'll get to that later...

The fabric and pattern were supplied to me free of charge by Sew Essential. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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  1. Nice jacket. I made a jean jacket from another pattern and it was a bit to large too.

  2. It's a cute jacket, and the stitching and lining look great! I think it's very wearable as it is, oversized.

  3. Some projects really do take so much more time! Totally worth it though, this jacket looks incredible on you! I hate setting in sleeves too! Don't know why, but they feel really draining! I'm at the sleeve stage in my own project and it has been sitting there ages waiting to get some attention! Ooh, can't wait to see the full dress your wearing! Looks gorgeous!

  4. Amazing jacket, the pop of red looks fab and the jeans buttons work perfectly, it looks great on too

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Too bad that it's too big for you, it looks lovely! How did you get to choosing this size? I am in doubt which size to choose, because it's supposed to be worn over other clothes. Do you thing there is enough ease for that? Or should I go by the finished garment measurements? Thanks in advance!