My Sewing Year in Review 2016!

by - 12/27/2016

My Sewing Year in Review 2016! 
Hi pinups! It's almost the New Year and I thought I'd do a little 2016 year in review post to reflect on my blog's highs and lows and what's in store for 2017.

Firstly, a huge 'thank you' to all those who have followed The Crafty Pinup retro sewing blog so far. I started this blog back in April, hoping to improve my mental health by creating some important 'me time' with selfish sewing and contributing to this wonderful online community. The fact that anyone has chosen to follow my ramblings and check out my creations is wonderful!

I was going to include the changes I've made to my work space in this post, but I'm going to save it for another post with a potential workspace tour to go with it. My sewing space & office space have changed so much this year, I think it deserves it's own post.

Blog Photography:

A vast improvement! My first post to my most recent.

Along with the way I work, the way I photograph my makes has certainly improved! For me, I love blogs with bright, clear and colourful photography and I wanted to achieve that with my sewing creations to show them at their best. None of this would be possible without the help of my very handy boyfriend who always wants me to strive to be my best. He deserves a mention (he did my blog & My Retro Closet branding too) and doesn't complain when every other weekend I tell him it's photoshoot time and put him to work!

Most Popular Posts:

According to my blog's stats, these are my most popular posts of all time!

I love what's turned out to be my top 5 posts. It's such a mix of styles and really represents my varied sewing. It's also great to see how popular the Retro Tiki Collab and my first sewing tutorial were - I might just have to do more next year!

My Sewing Highlights:

I had to include the Retro Tiki Collab in my highlights, it was so fun to take part and I created an outfit that pushed me out of my comfort zone, both skill and style wise. 
My second highlight is my jacket, and whilst it certainly isn't perfect, the fact I made a denim jacket makes me feel all proud!
Lastly my vintage entry for the Simplicity Sewing Challenge, whilst I didn't win (but came highly commended), I really love this dress. I made it out of a vintage bed sheet, and as it was made towards the end of the Summer, I didn't get much chance to wear it so I'm looking forward to warmer months and getting this dress out! It's also featured in Issue 3 of Sew Now magazine, seen HERE.

Another highlight I have to mention was being interveiwed about The Crafty Pinup on BBC Radio Shropshire. Such a random/amazing day!

My Sewing Mishaps:

Firstly, I love the Burda 7179 pattern, it's just me that's the problem. I chose an interfacing that was waaaaay too firm and it makes the dress practically unwearable because it's so uncomfortable. I tried in the Summer, but honestly it feels like cardboard, But I am NOT done with this pattern and it WILL be third time lucky!!
Second is my Martha dress, again it's me and not the pattern. I went to wear this recently and I'm really disappointed with the fit and fabric. In hindsight, the fabric is too thin for this dress, my waist seam has slipped all over and isn't flattering with a bulking zip. Even a belt doesn't save it. The shoulders are also way too wide. However, I recently bought a medium weight crepe and am planning on refitting this pattern to create the perfect Martha for my shape, so stay tuned for a post on that!
Lastly, you are not mistaken, I have including my denim jacket as a high and low. I love this jacket and the pattern, but I'm gutted I made it too sizes too big. But as I mentioned in the pattern review, I'll definitely be getting this pattern out for round two this Spring!

The Future:

If you're still reading, thank you! I know I'm rambly. But I just wanted to again, say 'thank you' to those who have followed me here and on my social media. It's led to some fab new friendships, SO many amazing new bloggers to lust after and has improved my work/life balance. I've also worked with some wonderful haberdasheries and pattern designers which have enabled me to try my dream projects. On top of that, I'll be popping up in 3 amazing sewing magazines in January and continuing to be part of the Minerva Craft Blogger Network and posting on We Sew Retro and The Fold Line.

Along with many, many more ventures in retro sewing of course.
Thanks for reading, pinups!

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  1. I absolutely love reading your blog! Well done on all your makes this year, even those that didn't go to plan. It is so important to make mistakes inorder to learn- must tell myself this more often! Looking forward to seeing what you are sewing in the new year.

  2. Such a great review of your sewing year, you've made some lovely clothing! Can't wait to see what will be on your sewing table next year :)

  3. Wishing you a happy new year! I've thoroughly enjoyed discovering your blog this year. I love your feminine, retro style. Looking forward to seeing you working out the fitting kinks of the Martha dress as I think it'll look really cute on you.