2017 Make Nine & a Couple of Sewing Resolutions!

by - 1/09/2017

2017 Make Nine & a Couple of Sewing Resolutions!
Hurrah! The first post of 2017 (finally!) and it's inspired by my recent #2017MakeNine post on Instagram. I thought it'd be a nice way to kick of the new year, showing you what I'd love to make with a couple of sewing resolutions to be mindful of in 2017!

The Make Nine was instigated by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille, who encouraged makers to share 9 projects to make in 2017. Some sewists have taken it super seriously with well planned out projects and some have picked aspirational makes. For me, I've chosen makes which I've been lusting after for a few months, and it's time I got a move on with them! Some are cut and ready to sew, some are waiting patiently in my stash and some are a distant dream. So here's my 2017 Make Nine...

I can't resist a 1960s vintage or reproduction pattern at the moment and I LOVE this Simplicity one. I think it's the illustrations that lure me in. I love all the options you get in these types of patterns, I especially like the longer jacket and the pencil skirt. On the right is a pattern I've been lusting after for months which I'll finally be making as part of my Minerva Craft Blogger Network makes. So stay tuned to see my version in February!


Aime Comme Marie - Magellan Top // Faux Fur Collar or Stole

I spied this Magellan top on a couple of fashion sewing bloggers on Instagram and now I have such a craving to make one. I'd never heard of Aime Comme Marie before but they have a lovely range of patterns, but this ruffly blouse is the top of my list. Along with the Butterick slip, another one of my upcoming Minerva Craft makes will be a faux fur something.... It's currently undecided as I have a generous metre of delicious faux fur, so to get the most out of the fabric a stole would be perfect, although I love this little collar from Tilly and the Button's blog. Whatever I end up making, there'll be a easy-peasy tutorial.

Orange Lingerie - Boylston Bra // Vogue Patterns 9123

If you hadn't already seen me talking about it, I studied Contour Fashion at De Montfort University and spent my days sewing bras. But since leaving uni a few years ago and launching my own lingerie business My Retro Closet, I've stayed clear of underwired bras. But now without the pressure of university or the fear of being graded, I think I'm finally ready to dust off the wire casing and get sewing. The Boylston bra is a gorgeous retro shape and I'm dreaming of satin leopard print. The Vogue pattern on the right is ready in my stash with a gorgeous selection of fabrics, but I'm going to keep you waiting before I reveal those plans...

This is probably my aspirational project, but I'm in love with the Ellsworth Coat. I've got most of my Winter sewing plans sorted, which include a jacket, so I don't know if I'll be able to squeeze this in. But I sure hope I do! The Francoise dress is on the way, currently being worn by my mannequin. I see lots more in my future and stay tuned for my pattern review later this month.

Along with lots of garment making, I'd love to make more crafts this year. It's something I find relaxing, and it helps me wind down in the evenings and keeps me off my phone. Lined up in my craft pile is a couple cross stitch creations and a half made pom pom garland. Time to finish these projects and brighten up my bedroom and workspace with handmade touches!


So there you have it, my #2017MakeNine. Are you taking part? Are any of these projects on your list too? 2016 was a HUGE learning curve for my sewing, so with that in mind here are some of my sewing resolutions for the new year...

  • Sew better, not faster
  • Blog on regular days (I'm aiming for Tuesdays and Sundays from now on)
  • Learn some new sewing skills
  • Explore all the features on my Janome Atelier 5
  • Explore the world of crafts!
  • Become the queen of my overlocker
  • Continue to focus on My Retro Closet with lots of new products!
Thanks for reading, pinups!

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  1. I have loved reading through everyone's sewing plans for the year! So inspiring, and yours is such a varied, balanced selection! Can't wait to see what this year has in store for your sewing adventures!!!

  2. Some great sewing adventures await! I look forward to seeing the results. Good luck!!

  3. A great selection of makes , is such a great idea to focus on upcoming projects, need to get my list sorted, there are a few on yours that might be candidates😊

  4. The Magellan top is gorgeous, it reminds me of a Republique du Chiffon pattern I've seen around called the Suzon shirt which I've had my eye on. Looking forward to seeing your 2017 makes, especially the coat!

  5. Love the look of the long 60s Simplicity coat. I've also got Francoise on my to-sew list (although I haven't bought suitable fabric yet) so I'll be looking forward to your review.

  6. Great plans, I look forward to seeing them made up, a few are on my wish list inc the top butterick one.