Tilly and the Buttons - Cleo Dungaree Dress - Button-up Pattern Hack!

by - 1/22/2017

Tilly and the Buttons - Cleo Dungaree Dress - Button-up Pattern Hack!

Hi pinups! I'm so excited about this make, I couldn't wait to share it with you, so I bumped it right to the top of my blog post queue! Lets get into it... I recently made a button up skirt and combined with my Pinterest sewing inspiration board and a girl in working in my local H&M, I was inspired to make my own button up dungaree dress, using the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Pinafore & Dungaree dress Sewing Pattern as the base.

This hack is super simple and would be great for beginner sewists looking for a new challenge, who maybe aren't quite ready to sew a shirt yet. The easy button facing is a great skill to nail down as it crops up in lots of shirt/button up styles. It'll also get you practising those button holes!

My Pinterest inspiration!
For my button up Cleo I wanted a knee length, fitted style with two small pockets and fastened with clips instead of buttons. I love the high-street styles with waist seams but I thought I would keep it simple to start. For my version, I wanted it to be pretty figure hugging but not restrictive ('cos hips) so I chose a light-weight, super soft stretch denim fabric, quite different from my previous Cleo. Being a curvy gal, as I said in the pattern review, I was worried I would loose my shape in the dungaree dress, but a smaller size made from stretch fabric works well for me personally.

For the Cleo Dungaree Button-up hack (along with the original pattern & fabric/supplies) you will need:
  • pattern paper
  • tracing tools - scissors, pencil, ruler etc.
  • light/medium weight interfacing & iron
  • 12 buttons

Let's get hacking!
The sewing instructions are the same as in the booklet, just in a slightly different order. 

Step 1: The Pattern:

The original front against the new front pattern piece.
  • Trace out the front body pattern on to pattern paper.
  • At the centre front add 2 inches from top to bottom. This will be your button facing.
  • Add your seam allowance to the new centre front (approx 1.5cm).
  • Add your pattern markings. You can copy these from the original pattern. 
  • Cut out your new front pattern piece!

Step 2: Interfacing the Button Facing:

  • Cut out a piece of iron on interfacing the same as your button facing column on your front pattern.
  • Iron on interfacing to the wrong sides of the fabric, leaving your seam allowance gap at the edge.
  • Press over seam allowance.

Step 3: Sew the Body:
Follow booklet instructions for the following:
  • Sew centre back pieces together.
  • Sew side seams together.
  • Sew dungaree straps as instructed.
  • Attach straps to back piece.

Step 4: Facing:
  • Adjust your front facing pattern piece to match the width of the new front body. Don't cut on the fold, instead cut 2.
  • Sew facing to the dress as instructed.

Step 5: Button Facing:

  • Fold the centre fronts over wrong sides together to create the button facing. 
  • Iron in place.
Step 6: Top Stitching:

  • Top stitch the button facing.
  • Top stitch the rest of the facing.

Step 7: Buttons:
  • Mark out your button holes on the right side (as worn) and sew.
  • Attach buttons.
  • Add dungaree clips.
  • Add pockets if you wish.
  • Hem however you like! (I frayed mine)
Tada! You have now have a super sassy button up dungaree dress!

Worn with my me-mad Gable Top, see HERE.
Sewing Summary:

Fabric: Lightweight Stretch Denim

Sewing time: This would make a great weekend project. I made mine in a day, including the pattern hacking and taking progress photos.

Modifications: See above for my modifications.

Fit: Exactly what I wanted.

Difficulty: Nice and simple.

Watch out for: A tidy front facing and neat top stitching will make all the difference to the final look. Take your time.

Make Again?: Yes!

Tada! An easy-peasy sassy pattern hack!
Overall, I'm so happy with how this pattern hack turned out and I hope your guys love it as much as I do. If you decide to have a go at it or if it inspires you to sew your own button up version of Cleo, I'd love to see, so please tag me @craftypinup on Twitter or Instagram or comment below.

Thanks for reading, pinups!

P.S. If you have any questions about this hack, please ask and I will do my best to reply!

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