Weekend Wishlist #2

by - 2/24/2017

It's Weekend Wishlist time! This week I've been learning all about YouTube & trying to sort out my filming set up (subscribe to my new channel HERE). So in this week's wishlist, I've included the dreamy camera I'm using, along with a super affordable tripod. And of course some fabric and patterns that have caught my eye this week...

I got this camera a couple of weeks again, along with a lens and I'm in love. I'm pretty useless with tech stuff, but even I can use this.

Um, who doesn't need another sewing themed pin in their collection?

This would make such a lovely Spring blouse, I'm thinking the Simple Sew Pussy Bow Blouse for this one.

I love the shape of this jacket. Like a softer biker jacket, this would be great for when the weather starts warming up.

I'm having dreams about this pattern and it will be mine.

6. Tripod

To help me on my way with YouTube, I picked up this tripod. It makes filming so easy and it's a bargain!

I love a polka dot, and I love the random spots designs more. I already have some in my stash, but there's always room for more...


Thanks for reading, pinups!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Great wish list , good luck with your new channel, is always room for polka dots !!