How to Make a DIY Rockabilly Pinup Bandana - Full Sewing Tutorial!

by - 3/17/2017

DIY Rockabilly Pinup Bandana Sewing Tutorial!

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Hi pinups! Instead of a Weekend Wishlist post this weekend, I'm sharing my first ever YouTube sewing tutorial with you (as it's consumed my week trying to make it). Not only is it super quick & simple to make and great for all sewing abilities, it's the perfect fabric stash buster for those lovely scraps you can't bring yourself to throw away!

If you try it out, please let me know and tag me @craftypinup in your snaps so I can see & share!

Real Talk:
Camera malarkey and video editing do not come naturally to me at all! I know there's improvements to be made, and I'm still learning, and BOY is there a lot to learn! This video took me 15mins to film and then 8 hours to edit. Yep. 8 hours. I had to learn about software, download software, learn to use it then edit my video. Hopefully next time it'll be a lot quick. I really love filming and I hope that comes across in my videos. Thank you for watching, liking and subscribing, it means a lot to me.

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Thanks for reading and watching, pinups!

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