Behind The Seams | Butterick B6453 Fitted & Full Skirt Dresses + My Cheat's FBA!

by - 6/16/2017

Hi pinups! I want to get into the habit of sharing my (usually) weekly YouTube videos with my lovely blog readers. This week I shared the first video in my new 'Behind The Seams' series. It'll be a vlog series giving you a closer look inside some of my favourite makes. Along with having a close up look at the insides of garments (eeek), I'll be talking about any adjustments I made to the pattern. 

My first Behind The Seams is all about my favourite vintage style summer dress, the Butterick Patterns by Gertie B6453 dress! In the video below, I'll be showing you the inside of my first full gathered skirt dress as well as giving you a first look at my fitted skirt version, aka My Jayne Mansfield dress!

This video also features my full bust adjustment! Although, there's a reason I'm calling it a 'cheat's FBA' as it was sooo simple. I don't need a large adjustment so I opted for a super simple, quick technique to create a great fit. Don't believe me? Well there's also a (unavoidable boob) close up of my final fit on my latest version, proving this technique sure worked for me!

Watch now:
Behind The Seams | Butterick B6453 + My Easy Full Bust Adjustment!

I hope you enjoy my first Behind The Seams video! Let me know if there's any patterns I've sewn that you'd like a further look at or suggestions for me to try in the future.

Thanks for reading (and watching!), pinups!

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  1. I love watching your videos, this dress is gorgeous.

  2. I like your video. It is very informative. I am a little confused about how you know on the pattern piece where the fullest point of your bust will be. Can you clarify this? Thank you.