Simplicity 1197 - 1960s Coat

by - 10/07/2017

Hi pinups! You know what time it is - it's Stitch by Stitch with Simplicity time! And this is the one I've been waiting for. You may have seen me say before, when it comes to Autumn/Winter dressing and sewing I sway towards the 1960s. Which has worked out beautifully for my next Stitch by Stitch series, all to celebrate Simplicity's 90th birthday but highlighting their vast pattern selections through the decades.

I've been eyeing up this pattern for quite some time and when it came to choosing a 1960s project, I didn't have to think too hard! Whilst I love the array of simple shift dresses on offer, I fear they don't do too much for my figure, or have yet to be convinced anyway, but I'm obsessed with 60s style coats. I love the 'boyfriend' style fit, the swing styles, the 3 quarter length sleeves, the big buttons, EVERYTHING!

The Simplicity 1197 coat pattern ticked all my boxes. I teamed up with the wonderful My Fabrics to help make my 1960s coat dreams come true with an authentic emerald green wool, and what better to pair with than a luxurious leopard print satin.

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This coat didn't come without it's hurdles, which I discuss in the video below. You'll also be able to see the coat come together during the sewing process, finishing with a close up look discussing the fit and details and an in depth pattern review.

Stitch by Stitch with Simplicity - 1197 Sew Along

Sewing with this amount of wool fabric whilst trying to show you clear steps wasn't working too well for me. But I hope my review will still be helpful to those looking to sew this pattern.

Whilst I think I did struggle more than expected sewing this coat, I'm blaming that on my stinking cold, slippery satin and stretchy wool.... Excuses excuses I know, but I felt the sewing gods were against me this week.

But every hand stitch was worth it and I'm over the moon with my finished coat. I love how to fabrics came together, I think they really make the coat look like true 1960s vintage. The shape and the fit is exactly what I wanted and I wouldn't change it. 

Sewing Summary:

Notions: 2 x self covered 4cm buttons.

Sewing time: A couple of days.

Modifications: Shortened the length.

Fit: Just what I wanted!

Difficulty: Probably a lot easier with different fabrics. I'd recommend for confident seamstresses. 

Watch out for: Welt pockets, tidy collar, neat hem - there's a lot to pay special attention too here!

Make Again?: Not anytime soon, this one was enough for me!

Overall, I am in love with this coat. It has surpassed my expectations and whilst I may have had a bit of a tricky time sewing (which I'm blaming on my cold...) it was totally worth it. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of this coat and it will sure keep me nice and snug this Autumn! 

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Thanks for reading, pinups!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Simplicity and My Fabrics but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Divine! Love those great big buttons, lining is awesome (and you are really looking the 60s part ;o)

  2. Fab and groovy! I love the ginormous buttons too, and it's my favourite colour too. Cool!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Fabulous coat! What fabrics would you choose to make the project a little easier? I am an intermediate sewer and would like to give it a try!

  5. This is absolutely stunning! The leopard print lining is just perfection! What a fabulous make, well done!

  6. Oh Abi, that coat is stunning! I can't get enough of that green <3
    xo Miss Betty Doll