Burda Style 6829 - A Party-Ready Velvet Wrap Dress

by - 12/23/2017

Burda Style 6829 - A Party-Ready Velvet Wrap Dress

Hi pinups! It's my last make of 2017, and I'm ending in style with the Burda Style 6829 wrap effect dress made with sumptuous midnight blue velvet. I suppose you could even say this is my Christmas dress, although it may also be my New Year's Eve dress, my Halloween dress and just about everything in between dress!

Here's a peek at the pattern:

Like my previous post where I try my hand at bag making (see the post HERE), I opted for a dress a little out of my sewing comfort zone. Never in a million years did I think I would sew a clingy wrap dress and in velvet of all things! But I have and I absolutely LOVE it.

I made option B of Burda's 6829 but with A's shorter hem. 

When I decided I'd be sewing a dress for Christmas, I didn't want anything novelty or kitsch and I've seen a few of the velvet wrap dresses on the high street and have seen a few other bloggers sewing similar styles. This appealed to me far more than a red or Christmas pudding print fit & flare dress. This style is also a lot more versatile and will work for so many occasions. Not only is it out of my sewing comfort zone (velvet sewing virgin), it's also out my of style comfort zone and not like anything I've worn before. Maybe my style is changing...

When I saw THIS delicious deep navy blue stretch velvet, I knew it was the one! The quality is gorgeous, and it almost sparkles when it catches the light. It's also really soft against the skin, and with a walking foot on my sewing machine, it was dreamy to sew with.

The one thing that annoyed me about this dress was Burda not adding seam allowances. As a speedy, one session sewist, I find it so frustrating that these aren't included. But once I got over the hassle of cutting out, this dress was a breeze to sew. 

I know I've already moaned about it, but I've had no time whatsoever over the past few months for anything other than work. So I had to leave sewing this dress until the last minute, but thankfully in an hour and a half I had a completed dress. Luckily the body con style, stretch fabric and wrap effect made this really easy to fit. I did change a little of the sewing process up. Instead of setting in the sleeves (no thank you), I opted for one long arm and side seam. This also made fitting adjustments really easy. 

Sewing Summary:

Notions: None

Sewing time: An hour and a half

Modifications: None

Fit: Spot on!

Difficulty: Easy

Watch out for: Sewing with this stretch velvet I used my walking foot and a stretch needle. 

Make Again?: I'm not sure how many velvet wrap dresses I need in my wardrobe, but if I ever need another, I'll be coming back to this pattern!

Overall, I'm very happy with my Burda 6829 velvet dress. It was great to sew, easy to fit and most importantly it's comfortable to wear. The dress also had a pretty sassy effect on me, which probably shows in these photos. But hey, it's Christmas!

Thanks for reading, pinups!
Abi xo

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by myfabrics.co.uk. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. VAVOOM Abi! So gorgeous it's breathtaking!

  2. Your dress is fabulous Abi. I love it!! It really suits you.

  3. such a lovely dress, I plan to do simmilar one, also in navy :D