My Huge January Fabric Haul & Some VERY Vague Sewing Plans

by - 1/19/2018

My Huge January Fabric Haul & Some VERY Vague Sewing Plans
I don't have a particularly large fabric stash, it keeps to a humble size in a large plastic tub that I keep tucked away under my desk. I buy fabrics with projects in mind and don't usually wait too long between the buying and the sewing. But every so often, they'll be a bad day, a glass of wine and a total impulse purchase.

I had no intentions of shopping any fabric sales. I find the start of the year stressful enough, then everywhere you visit online you're bombarded with flashing 'SALE' graphics. If anything it makes me want to avoid the internet until the month is over. But this January, left unattended with my laptop I tripped and fell onto the Minerva Craft sale, where I certainly didn't hold back...

But luckily I have an eye for a bargain and regret NOTHING. Along with my Minerva haul, I've also been gifted some beautiful fabrics from a store reasonably close to me (but has a great online store) Textile Express. These fabrics are extra special and I picked up a fabric I've been lusting after for a year, and if you're a fan of mid century style, you're going to love it too.

Check out my entire fabric haul in the video below, along with some very vague sewing plans. If you have any sewing pattern suggestions for me, please do leave a comment in the video or on this blog post! I could sure use some inspiration...

If you want to pick up any of the gorgeous fabrics for yourself, here are all the links you need:


I hope you enjoyed my impulsive fabric haul! Did you treat yourself to some new fabric this January? It sure is a fun way to start the year and get that sewing inspiration flowing!

Thanks for reading, pinups.
Abi xo

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  1. Lovely stuff!!

    I may have to pop to the fabric market for some treats after this very inspiring video!

    Faded Windmills