Papercut Patterns - Kyoto Sweater

by - 2/26/2018

Papercut Patterns - Kyoto Sweater

This pattern review has been in the works for a while now and if you've seen any of my recent videos or follow me on Instagram, you'll know I've been loving the Papercut Patterns 'Kyoto' Sweater & Tee. I took these photos a while back as I finished my Kyoto over a month ago, but life and other projects get in the way, but I'm happy to finally be sharing this one with you! I'm not 100% happy with these photos as the lighting has been so bad in the flat over Winter. But I'm hoping to get my backdrop set up again soon positioned in the bright living room lighting.

Here's a peek at the pattern:

The Kyoto pattern featured in my 2018 Make Nine Sewing Plans and I've been lusting after this pattern since it appeared on my radar a couple of months ago. I love a ruffle, and thought this make looked cute and cosy without going over the top on the ruffle trend. I also thought a jersey version would make a great addition to my handmade wardrobe to get me through these colder months.

Textile Express kindly send me THIS gorgeous mini anchor print jersey in navy to sew with and the combination is certainly a winner! The fabric is the perfect weight for soft ruffles, whilst remaining warm to wear and easy to care for (it's been in the wash a handful of times now and still looks great).

The sewing for the sweater was nice and straight forward and I didn't come across and hurdles. I love sewing with jersey and really enjoyed this one from start to finish. I found getting into my sewing mojo at the start of the year a little tough and the Kyoto Sweater was the perfect pattern to get me back on track and I knew it would get instant wear.

I cut out a size Medium but in hindsight, I should have cut the size Small. As the Kyoto pattern is free fitting and relatively oversized in design, I found the Medium too baggy on my frame. Whilst I'm curvy, I have a short torso (well I'm 5"4, so I guess I have short everything!) and this size drowns me a little bit. Although I think it's too large that sure hasn't stopped me from wearing it. It's my go to warm top for days out or when I want to feel a little smarter at home (even if I'm wearing pj bottoms).

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you would have seem me talking about this make in my January Sew & Tell video. But in case you missed it or want to see it in action, please do check out the video below.


Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Papercut Patterns Ladies Easy Sewing Pattern Kyoto Sweater & Tee

Fabric: Anchors Jersey 

Notions: None.

Sewing time: A couple of hours.

Modifications: Absolutely nothing.

Fit: Too big this time.

Difficulty: Confident beginners and beyond.

Watch out for: Stretching the neck band & cuffs out evenly & the hem of the ruffles.

Make Again?: Yes!

Overall, I enjoyed this pattern thoroughly. I made this at a time when my sewing mojo was chaos and I wanted something simple, smart and comfortable. The Kyoto Sweater is the cosiest thing I've ever made and whilst I need to size down for my next one, I can't wait to sew another. I'll also be trying the t shirt version as I think that will be a lovely make for Spring.

Have you tried the Papercut Pattern Kyoto pattern? Let me know your go-to comfy sewing patterns, I need more in my life.

Thanks for reading, pinups!
Abi xo

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Textile Express.

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  1. Yes I've made it and like it. I did find it too big as I also did the bowline which I've just made, so thinking paper cut have a lot of ease. I also found it far too long (I'm also 5'4"). Love your version it's really pretty.

  2. All of your makes are inspiring and I love seeing them on another curvy frame! I just found you on instagram - loving going back and reading your pattern reviews!! <3