Simplicity 8447 - 1940s Overalls + Sew Along!

by - 4/07/2018

Simplicity 8447 - 1940s Overalls + Sew Along!
Out of all of the patterns I selected for this current batch of Simplicity Stitch by Stitch project this is the pattern I was most apprehensive about. The 8447 pattern came out last year as part of their vintage reproduction collection, originally from the 1940s. The pattern features wide leg trousers, 2 shirt options and the star of the show; the overalls. Dungarees and overalls seem to have crept into the high street recently and it's a trend I haven't tried for myself yet. But the 8447 pattern caught my eye and having seem THIS version from an online retro clothing store, I thought perhaps this vintage pattern could be for me.

I say I was apprehensive about this pattern as it's a style out of my comfort zone and a style of clothing I've not tried. Whilst most clothing looks great on someone with a model body (see the woman on the envelope..), I fear my 5"4 curvier figure might not work with such a style. All the jeans I own are skinny and I haven't sewn a pair of trousers with any success before as I can sometimes feel self conscious of my thighs. Alas, I still tried my hand at this pattern with what I hope is a mild success!

Here's a peek at the pattern:

I was also initially concerned about the sewing, thinking it might be time consuming and tricky to sew. But to my surprise, I would call this pattern simple and would recommend it for beginners. But you can see the sewing process in the video below and watch how the overalls come together.

Stitch by Stitch with Simplicity - 8447 1940s Overalls Sew Along

So in my video it comes across how simple the sewing actually is and how fun they are to wear. I enjoyed dressing up a little to fit the 1940s land girl vibe!

There's a lot more talk about fit in the video, but overall (no pun intended) the fit is pretty good! I think I spent so much time worrying about the fit on my legs and hips that I forgot that my bust can also be a tricky one. So like I discuss in the video above, the fit on the bottom half and waist is great, but the fit is too tight on my bust. Not so much that I wouldn't wear it but enough to be stretching the buttons!

Sewing Summary:

Notions: 8 x Buttons

Sewing time: A day.

Modifications: Nothing.

Fit: Okay. Too tight on my bust.

Difficulty: Simple and would recommend to beginners.

Watch out for: Definitely the fit! 

Make Again?: Not this time.

Overall, I enjoyed sewing the 8447 pattern even if it was more of a style experiment for me. I'm not 100% sure they suit me and I don't find them particularly flattering. Whilst I can't see myself getting much wear out of these moving forward, it was fun to try this 1940s style and push my sewing and style boundaries. The pattern is simple to sew and it's a authentic vintage style, but for me it comes down to personal preference about the look and I'm still on the fence.


Let me know if you'll be trying this pattern and be sure to tag me @craftypinup in your snaps so I can see them too!

Watch all my Simplicity Stitch by Stitch videos in my playlist HERE.

Thanks for reading, pinups!
Abi xo

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Simplicity.

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  1. Abi I disagree! I think these dungarees are very flattering on you! They emphasize your curves and as always you look quite glamourous in them - for sure if the bust is a little snug, I would definitely encourage you to make up another pair - perhaps next time in a floral denim :)

  2. So much fun - I have been thinking about getting this pattern and wondering if a cherry printed denim would be too much. I also like the look of the hooded shirt that comes with the overalls ;o)

  3. Will you be making the blouse pattern? Everyone seems to head stright for the dungarees but it was the shirt with the hood that caught my eye.