What I've Been Loving in April

by - 5/01/2018

What I've Been Loving in April
Wearing my M7381 dress at Powis Castle
Hi pinups! I can't get my head around how fast these posts feel like they are coming round! When I type them, I always wonder what I'll be lusting after in the next few weeks that will keep my monthly series interesting. Yet new things keep catching my eye, especially with the seasons finally feeling like they may be changing.

In March's post, I talked about taking a step back and finding some inspiration to be creative again. Now April has passed I feel like I have somewhat achieved this, at least in some aspects. Here's what I've been lusting after in April...

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Ruffle dresses are all over the high street and it's a trend that I'm ready to sign up to. Whilst the world of sewing patterns aren't always up to speed with these fast high street trends that pop up, Simplicity didn't let me down with their new 8601 pattern. After sharing a snap on my Instagram account, it seems I'm not alone with falling in love with this pattern. It's straight to the top of my must sew list.

With an influx of pretty Spring and Summer sewing patterns coming my way, of course some new fabric will follow (at least in my case). You guys know I can't resist a floral, which you'll surely know if you watched my latest fabric haul blog HERE, and red florals get me every time. This one is following me online I swear!

Has anyone else noticed a wave of sewing pins hitting shops? I seem to have gone from 1 to 100 in the space of a month, but with a new denim jacket in my wardrobe, I'm not complaining. Have you snapped up your must have 'Seamstress' pin yet?

Working from home can quickly feel isolating and before you know it 5 days have passed and you haven't left the house. This is something I'm trying to make a conscious effort to change. I was recently gifted a lifetime National Trust membership and now the weather's starting to brighten up it's the perfect time to start planning some adventures! In April I visited the beautiful Powis Castle where I wore my new favourite dress (which I spoke about in my March post) and had such a lovely day.

Thanks for reading, pinups!
Abi xo

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  1. Your eve dress is stunning! I really love these posts, you lay them out beautifully.