My First Knitting Project

by - 8/26/2018

I never thought I'd see the day when I wrote a post about knitting, but here we are! I recently took the opportunity since becoming a Skillshare ambassador to finally learn how to knit following a simple scarf class - now I'm hooked! I've knitted in the past, in fact I created a brief at art college around knitting, making samples out of knitted copper wire, knitting with broomsticks & using a knitting machine. So I'm very familiar with garter stitch!

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But after watching my mum create beautiful knitted garments pretty much monthly for as long as I can remember, I no longer just want to put in the odd cheeky cardigan request, and actually knit one myself. I also trawled Instagram for some cool knitting accounts and that was it, my knitting aspirations have gotten bigger and more ambitious by the day. And yes, I am still just knitting my first jumper *face palm*.

I raided my mum's knitting patterns and she had the Wool And The Gang 'Total Eclipse Sweater' in her stash. It's an 'easy' pattern with a body consisting of pretty much 2 squares, knitted all in garter stitch. Although whilst the WATG yarn looks beautiful, it's a little out of my beginners yarn budget so I settled on a budget yarn incase this was all just going to be an awful memory.

My supplies:

Pattern: Wool And The Gang 'Total Eclipse Sweater'

Yarn: Stylecraft Special Aran Yarn in 'Fondant'

Needles: 5mm Bamboo Needles

I've been knitting every evening for around a month now and it really has brought a lot to my life. I know it sounds silly, but it's really had a positive impact on my evenings. Instead of fiddling with my phone, or working on my laptop, I'm taking that time instead to knit and it's far more enjoyable. If I feel like my day hasn't been particularly productive or it's just been super stressful, taking the evenings to work on my knitting means I am being productive (however slow the process may be) and it relaxes my mind.

I've also been struggling with my sewing and motivation this summer, and finding knitting came at a great time for me where I felt guilty for not sewing and failing with my summer dressmaking. I finally had that rush of excitement again that comes with learning a new skill and the possibilities that come with it.

I'm only half way through my first knitting project, but I'm so excited to have my first ever knitted-by-me jumper. I've definitely gotten a little carried away and have downloaded a bunch of free patterns, I've got my yarn and needles ready and waiting for my second project. So fingers crossed this is the start of a new creative venture for me! I'm going to be SO cosy.

EDIT: My First Knitting Haul Vlog

What do you think about knitting? Is it a skill you'd like to learn?

Thanks for reading, pinups!
Abi xo

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  1. That colour is SUBLIME! So beautiful. I'm pretty sure my first knitted jumper was similar: it was definitely garter stitch but I think it was a t-shape and you cast on a whole bunch of stitches to make the sleeves. It was so exciting to make an actual item of clothing I could wear!

    I hope you don't mind me linking you to a post I wrote about the benefits of knitting. It really is fabulous for calming the mind and giving you something to do in your down time (knitting in meetings is fabulous when you can get away with it!). When I did a bit of research on it, I was surprised to discover it had more benefits than I ever imaged, including physical ones. Please have a read here if you're interested: Four Reasons Why Knitting Is Good For You

    Keep having fun with your knitting! It's so rewarding and very few things beat the feeling of stepping out in a dress and cardigan that you've made entirely with your own fair hands.

  2. Such a lovely craft for the evenings. Expect you have found Ravelry online, for even more patterns x

  3. I love knitting - my most recent completed project was a 1930s jumper. As you say, it's good to do it because it's so relaxing. It makes watching telly productive. I hope your jumper works well!