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by - 1/25/2019

Hi pinups! I'm sharing a quick 'how to' with you today with the launch of my new iron on woven patches. Patches seem to be increasing in popularity and are a great way to customise your clothing or even hide stains or cover holes and faults in your clothes. My Crafty Pinup woven patches have an adhesive glue backing, enabling you to iron on your patch, but they can also be sewn in place if you'd prefer to do that for extra security.

Firstly you need to make the right fabric choice for the garment you want to iron your patch too. Delicate fabrics or polyester types with a low melting point won't be suitable for this method and if you wanted to attach your patch to leather, sew it on instead. But fabrics like denim and cotton will be fine. Once you've settled on your garment you need to decide on your placement. In this tutorial I've chosen to attach my Love Knitting patch to the arm of my Seamwork Audrey denim jacket I made last year. I'm also eyeing up a spot on my rucksack for my Sewing Machine patch...

Lay your chosen fabric on your ironing board or heat resistant surface. Do your best to smooth out and position the garment in a way so the fabric is as flat and smooth as possible on a hard surface. For the sleeve of my denim jacket (a tricky placement) I stuffed the sleeve with a folded up tea towel (or you could use a tailor's ham) to create a flat and firm surface to iron on.

Arrange your patch in place with the adhesive side down, making sure to double check your placement. Turn your iron to a reasonably high setting to suit your fabric. Mine was at it's highest level. Place a tea towel over your patch, being careful not to disturb the position of it. Press down firmly with your iron on the patch for about 15 - 20 seconds. Leave to cool.

I repeated this step a couple of times, as my patches have a few sticky out bits, some parts need extra attention to make sure they are secure. Run your finger over the edge of the patch carefully see if any sections are loose. If you are unsure as to the stability of your patch (perhaps it's on an area that will be bending), then I would recommend adding a couple of stitches for extra security.

Iron on patches are designed to be permeant but they can loosen over time depending on how often you wash the garment or area you patch is attached too, plus the added wear & tear. If your garment needs frequent washing, I would recommend hand washing in cool water and air drying. But securing your patch with stitches would also help the longevity of your patch.

I hope you've found this post on how to iron on patches helpful and like my new crafty designs! It's still so strange to see products I've designed become a physical product, it's all so exciting. To celebrate the launch of my new woven patch designs, there's an introductory bundle offer! Buy the two patches together and save 20%, for a limited time only.

Thanks for reading, pinups!
Abi xo

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