My Top Tips for Sewing a Coat! Ft. My Handmade Teddy Coat

by - 1/23/2019

Hi pinups! In today's post I'm going to share my latest cosy make with you and combine it with some of my top tips. I love sewing coats but it seems to be a garment that not every seamstress is keen to sew out of thinking it would be too difficult. Well I'm here to tell you coat sewing can be easy peasy! In fact, right now I prefer sewing them over anything else, but there's only so many coats a girl needs...

Let me start by telling you about the coat in this post... I've been browsing teddy coats on the highstreet for months now and have come close to buying one so many times, but I had it in my head I'd like to make one (see my 2019 Make Nine for more). Last month I made the Simplicity 8797 new season coat pattern and at the time I thought the pattern would work well for a teddy coat too. Then I spotted this beautiful rose teddy coating fabric in the sales (now sold out, but I also had my eye on THIS brown sherpa fabric) and put my sewing plans in motion!

I really enjoyed the Simplicity 8797 coat pattern so was very happy to make it again, knowing the two coats would be totally different. For my full sewing pattern review of the Simplicity 8797 pattern, go HERE.

I should also point out on this particular make, I created my own patch pockets and haven't included a fastening. I might add a popper at a later date, but I like how the coat looks open. Plus with a wrap around bag and a scarf, I can be pretty tucked in and snug so the fastening isn't essential for me.

So I'm no newbie when it comes to sewing coats, but I've never chosen to sew a complicated style. I believe that you can do a lot with a simple pattern, it's all in your fabric choice! When I share a coat I've made on social media, there's always some comments that pop up from people saying sewing coats intimidate them and they aren't at the skill level to attempt one. Rubbish!

Whilst sewing a coat is a huge achievement for any seamstress, mine are all deceptively easy. In fact I'd say the coats I've sewn so far are way easier than 90% of the dresses I've made. For instance this pink teddy coat took me half a day and cost under £30 to make. As this style is oversized, fit and sizing didn't really come into it which is normally a big factor in dressmaking.

I hope my coat sewing journey will inspire a few seamstresses out there who haven't sewn a coat yet to give it a go. Here are my top tips for coat sewing:

- Start simple. Choose a pattern with a simple collar, minimal pocket fuss (e.g. welt pockets can be tricky, but in seam or patch pockets are pretty simple!) and an easy fit (e.g. no darts or shaping).

- Pick a fabric that you won't be too precious with or is that is too tricky to sew with. A simple plain wool blend fabric like THIS would be a great place to start.

- Get yourself a walking foot. Using a walking foot (aka even feed foot) on your sewing machine can make all the difference. The foot helps to guide your bulky fabric through the machine making sewing a breeze. But as always, make sure you're using a suitable needle for your fabric too.

- Be confident! If you can make something like a dress or a jersey top, you already have awesome sewing skills. Believe in yourself and get stuck in.

Remember, no matter how secretly easy sewing a coat can be people will always think it's impressive that you can make a coat, so get out there and own it! Have you got a coat on your sewing list? I think I should probably stop for the time being and start thinking about some Spring sewing... we'll see.

Thanks for reading, pinups!
Abi xo

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