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by - 3/10/2019

Hi pinups! When I found out my home town Shrewsbury was getting an Abakhan shop, it was the most exciting news about a new shop opening in the town for ages! Finally, something I could get on board with. After shopping online with Abakhan on multiple occasions and seeing the chatter about the physical stores on social media, I knew this was going to be dangerous for my fabric stash (and bank balance). The shop has been open a few months now, and I wasn't wrong!

For this post, I've teamed up with Abakhan to create a Spring sewing project, with supplies from the Shrewsbury store! I spent so long in the shop on this occasion, there are some really gorgeous fabrics in store at the moment, it was hard to choose. Although a few of the fabrics I discovered on the day are still in my thoughts, so I think I'll be popping in again soon to see if they're still there.

At the time, the sun was shining and Spring was in the air, so I've been a bit premature with my Spring sewing (oops). I couldn't resist the Simplicity 8637 wrap dress pattern, featuring the most beautiful looking flounce skirt.

Here's a peek at the pattern:

Whilst I know I've sewn my fair share of wrap dresses, I'm yet to successfully tackle a flounce skirt (I had a couple of issues with the dress in THIS post), and I thought the 8637 would be a great 'round 2'. Paired with a light and floral viscose fabric with the most beautiful colour palette, which I found in the fabric by the weight section in the shop.

Shopping fabric by the weight in Abakhan:

As someone who was new to shopping in the fabric by the weight section at Abakhan, at first I was a little confused as what that meant. I didn't realise you could get the fabric cut to your length (as long as you leave 1m behind), on my first shopping trip I ended up with a rather embarrassing amount of metres, but the price was so good I didn't question it!

1. Rummage around the fabric by the weight section, find some fabric you love and make note of the price by the kilo.

2. Find the scales on the shop floor or at the till point and weigh your fabric to find out the price.

3. Have your fabric cut to length, as long as you leave 1m behind. Simple!

Lets get into the sewing! The Simplicity 8637 is a simple pattern to sew, the bodice is lined which I didn't realise at the time but I prefer to wear a slip under thinner dresses, especially wrap dresses like this, so I decided to create a facing instead. I also wasn't keen on the sleeve options the pattern had, so I switched them for the flounce sleeves of the Simplicity 8608 pattern, which I've pinched a few times as I love them so much. I also thought these would give the dress some balance with the flounce on the skirt.

The sewing on this pattern is pretty straight forward, the only thing that I found confusing was all the flounce pattern pieces for the skirt which resulted in some unpicking as I stitched one the wrong way round! Hemming the flounce took a little extra concentrating too as you're sewing a curve, but with a bit of patience I got there in the end. I started with a rolled hem foot, but I gave up with that pretty quickly and opted to overlock the edges and turn them up. Lots of pins and ironing! I love the result as it's so fun to wear.

I do have some fit issues with this dress which I'm a little annoyed about. With Simplicity, I'm usually the same size every time so I went ahead with my usual. This bodice is a little long in the body for me and small across the bust and doesn't provide me with as much coverage as other patterns. Next time, I think I would just switch the bodice for one I know fits me better at the front or add a little extra to the pattern on the neck edge. Doing full bust adjustment to the front darted bodice would also be a way to solve this in the future. Other than that, this dress is a swishy dream and it's nothing a busy print and a safety pin can't fix/hide!

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Simplicity 8637 with 8608 flutter sleeves.

Fabric: Floral Viscose.

Notions: Just some interfacing.

Sewing time: I made this in an afternoon.

Modifications: I didn't line the bodice, I created a facing out of the interfacing pieces. I also switched the sleeves.

Fit: Too small across the chest. 

Difficulty: Simple! But all the flounce pattern pieces can get a bit confusing.

Watch out for: Hemming the curved flounce skirt, take it slow with lots of ironing!

Make Again?: Yes, with some tweaks. I love the skirt style of this pattern. But I think I'd switch the bodice for one I know fits me better.

Overall, I really like this dress, but it's such a shame it's too small across the bust. I'll happily wear a slip underneath like in this post because that skirt is too good not to swish in! I love this pattern and can see myself making it again, but I'd switch the bodice for one I know fits me better/has a bit more coverage. Although I've made a lot of wrap dresses and flounce sleeves recently (I'm obsessed and they're so comfy to wear), maybe I should branch out next though! I've had this dress hanging up in the bedroom on display since I made it, the floral print on the fabric is so beautiful I can't bring myself to put it away in the closet just yet as it makes the room feel like summer!

If you're local to an Abakhan shop or Shrewsbury, come and visit the shop for yourself and find some fabric gems! I love digging through the fabric by the weight sections as there's always something buried in there - I don't think I've ever left the shop empty handed! Check out what's coming up in store at Abakhan Shrewsbury HERE.

Have you ever visited an Abakhan shop? What do you think?

Thanks for reading, pinups!
Abi xo

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Abakhan.

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