DIY Shirred Dress with Sleeves | Vlog Sew Along!

by - 8/03/2019

DIY Shirred Dress with Sleeves | Vlog Sew Along!

Hi pinups! I've been well and truly bitten by the shirring bug. It was a sewing technique I was always intimidated by and haven't even come close to attempting it even though I've been sewing for a few years. I just thought it was going to be more hassle than it's worth. Boy was I wrong!

A couple of weeks ago, I dedicated half a day to learning to to shirr and how to draft my own dress pattern. The best decision I've made for a while! I've been obsessing over the shirring trend on the high street right now, not only does it look super comfortable to wear, but easy to fit too with my larger than average bust... One particular designer one that is at the top of my wish list is an eye watering $320, but I figured the dress looked simple enough to worth having a crack at drafting myself.

So with a bit of guess work and mashing together lots of various tutorials I checked out, I managed to draft a dress not too dissimilar from the original designer one. I am SO pleased with it. This might just be one of my favourite ever makes. It's so easy to make and the fit is a dream, after a few sewing related hiccups recently, this was a breath of fresh air!

I shared my make on Instagram and had such a lovely, positive response with people wanting to know how I made it. So with plans to sew another anyway, I filmed the process, along with telling you how to draft the pattern so you can sew your own too!

Sew alongs always make me feel nervous, in case it isn't good enough, isn't clear enough or I've explained everything wrong and given awful instructions! But I'm throwing doubt out the window and putting myself out there anyway. I tried to be as clear as possible and filmed every step. But if you have any questions, please leave a comment on the video and I'll try my best to help! I've also included a bunch of tutorials on how to shirr in the description if you're totally new to the technique.

I don't think I've ever made 2 of exactly the same dresses so close together before, I'm talking 48 hours. I really do love it and I can't wait to try more patterns in the future that involve shirring and maybe I'll dabble in a bit more pattern drafting to shamelessly copy some more designer faves. After sewing a viscose one and a cotton one, I'd love to sew a linen one, a fabric I've never actually sewn with before!

I really hope you'll enjoy the new sew along to create this designer inspired shirred dress with sleeves. If you try it out please do tag me @craftypinup on Instagram as I'd love to see and share.

Next up, I'll be sharing the high street and designer sewing inspiration behind this shirred dress, along with other shirring designs that have caught my eye online recently (it's a big trend right now!).

Thanks so much for reading and watching, pinups!
Abi xo

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  1. The dresses look lovely Abi! I'd like to bring the sleeves in a bit (towards the centre of my body) to cover more of my bra and make me feel less exposed- do you think that would work? I quite fancy making it as a top in Jersey, maybe with flutter sleeves.

  2. Hi Abi,
    I have just discovered your channel and have to praise your simple instructions on how to make such a flattering outfit. I can't wait to try this for myself!
    Thanks again and look forward to seeing more!

  3. Hi ABI, this is fab so glad I stumbled across this! Would you be able to post pictures of the pattern pieces you cut out so I can make sure I understand correctly and can visualize it? Thank you!