Makers Style File #1

by - 9/05/2019


Hi everyone! Welcome to my first makers style file post. A simple, mood-board style post with my current style faves and how to create the look, whether that be sewing, knitting, crochet or another crafty skill. This post is all about transitional dressing and what I'm making to fill this space in my wardrobe.

I'm currently lusting after everything from Nobody's Child, but mainly their Alexa style midi length button up dress. I love the relaxed fit, flowy fabric and it's a style that I love the look of paired with boots and leather jackets. It's time to sew the look for myself instead of lusting after it on other people. I'm currently sewing this pattern but the 'Kew' Dress pattern (pictured) is going to be my next one. Luckily there's lots of gorgeous, affordable floral viscose fabrics to experiment with. Check out my 2 recommendations HERE and HERE.

Along with some mid-season dresses, I'm starting to plot some knitting too. A couple of months ago I started my fondant pink, mid weight cardigan and it's so nearly finished. It looks kinda like the RTW one on the mood-board and I think it'll pair really well with the dress. It's going to be perfect for September's weather and it's a departure from a lot of the super chunky knits I made earlier this year. Next though, I've been eyeing up THIS mohair kit, it's been in and out of my shopping basket for weeks!

What's on your sewing table, or in the knitting bag?

Thanks for reading.
Abi xo

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  1. I just bought the Joanne dress from fibre mood, which is a similar collarless shirt dress to Kew, but with a waistband insert, great for playing with stripes!