Makers Style File #2

by - 10/13/2019


Hi everyone! It's time for my second Makers Style File post, after what I think was a pretty successful first one. A blog post followed my first mood board featuring a dress and a cardigan that were in-keeping with my plans and made me feel a little proud that I actually stuck to something! I really enjoyed putting it together and I hope you enjoyed checking it out. So now we're 100% in to Autumn, my favourite time of year, I figured it was time for my next!

This time of year I always gravitate back to 1960s inspired styles and now more so than ever with my new style crush Lucy Boynton (along with THIS Instagram account featuring some stunning beauty looks). Not only am I planning a few 60s style mini dresses and smocks to steal her looks, my hair appointment is booked and I'm ready for a good chop!

I made the Tilly and the Buttons Martha dress a couple of years ago and it's a dress pattern that I always think of when I see retro high street styles and I think to myself that I really need to try that one again. The first time around I made it with the high neck, but I'm tempted to draft a Peter Pan collar on it, like I did in my last blog post HERE. Plus that will look super cute with a bob...

I'm also in a weird limbo with my knitting projects, I've got nothing chunky on the go and everything feels like its going to take forever but I want to wear them now. I've been looking a lot at the yarn and patterns by Rico recently and THIS yarn is a dupe for a cardigan I spotted in Urban Outfitters. It will knit up much quicker than what I'm doing at the moment, I just need to find the right pattern. And finally, I may already be an owner of a dreamy pastel blue bag, but THIS one is the ultimate and the colour looks so good with classic Autumnal tones. I'm looking forward to planning some outfits and makes to incorporate my love of both colour palettes.

Let me know if there's any 1960s patterns out there you think I'm missing out on!

Thanks for reading.
Abi xo

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