A Reflection, a Fail & 2020's Make Nine Plans

by - 1/05/2020

Happy New Year everyone! I'm a little late with the reflection post and planning my Make Nine but I've enjoyed taking some time out over the festive season so I'm only just getting back into the swing of things over here.

I don't know whether it's the time of year, but I've really lacked any kind of sew-jo the past couple of months. I've probably made less than 5 things since Summer (including a very boring ironing board cover), but honestly I'm not too bothered. It means I've been wearing a lot of my favourite older makes and showing them some love. This year I also ditched the crafty pinup blog name (it's just my shop now), so 2019 involved a lot of embracing my true style which is much more casual and I've been trying to work on that.

I wish I was someone who had a super tonal wardrobe and everything worked together but I'm accepting I'll never be that person, just because I like too many things, but I'm trying to find a middle ground. So even though overall 2019 was a weird year for my sewing I hope to roll into 2020 with some inspiration and more direction.

Lets talk Make Nine goals:

I've been putting together a Make Nine for the past couple of years and normally I keep on track and I enjoying the process. But 2019's was an absolute FAIL. You can check it out HERE. My 2019 make nine wasn't crazy or anything, and I still like the makes I included, but I think I gave myself too much. I was never going to complete 5 big knitting projects (what was I thinking?!) and I went off the pink denim jacket idea pretty quick and realised the last thing I needed was another pinafore... I made a couple of things from the list but the lack of sewing projects made it feel like more of a fail overall.

I'm using my 2020 make nine plans to finish/start some knitting and crochet kits I have already bought, some fabrics I have but haven't used yet and some patterns I keep lusting after or want to try again. I think I've set myself some very realistic goals and nothing requires learning a new skill or feels too daunting so hopefully there won't be anything stopping me from diving into these projects!

So here's my 2020 Make Nine plans:

1. Wool and the Gang 'Malibu' Sweater

Oh jeez, this kit. I bought this kit in the summer thinking I'd make it in a month. Turns out crochet isn't a skill that comes naturally to me and I learned the hard way. I'm determined to get back into it this year and tick crochet off my skill list.

2. Star print viscose fabric

My fave fabric I have in my stash right now! I know the garment I sew with it will be just around the corner, I'm just struggling to find the time at the moment. But I'm torn between a wrap dress (my go to), a button up tea dress or something short and 60s. But luckily I have enough fabric for a couple of garments as I snapped up all that was left when I saw it in store.

3. Wool and the Gang 'Needed Me' Cardigan

I've been lusting after this one for a while and finally bought the kit in the sales. I haven't made a cardigan in mohair yet and I really want one. I think it will be a great piece of knitwear for summer so hopefully this one will be a success (and quick-ish).

4. Powder blue sweatshirt fabric

I've had this fabric stashed for a while, thinking I would make the Tilly and the Button Stella hoodie and joggers set. I still haven't used it. I think maybe the colour is too light and that's putting me off because I know if I had this fabric in black I would have used it by now. But recently Tilly released a Nora cardigan hack and I think that could work very well for me instead of a hoodie in this colour. We'll see! But it takes up too much room in my stash to sit around much longer!

5. Named Clothing 'Lempi' Dress

This pattern has been in my dreams all last year. I've loved every version I've seen. I don't own it yet but I'd definitely love to try it and I think it would be a great transitional piece.

6. Tilly and the Buttons 'Make It Simple' book

This book comes out in February and after watching Tilly's preview of the patterns I don't think there's a pattern in there I don't like! So I'm including the whole damn book on my Make Nine list because I'll probably be making a bunch from it this year (overambitious maybe?).

7. Friday Pattern Company 'Ilford' Jacket

Another pattern I've been lusting after and don't yet own. I love the styling of this floral one pictured but would love to make it in a plain drill because I think that would be super useful in my wardrobe.

8. Tilly and the Buttons 'Martha' Dress

I made this dress once when I first started sewing. It was a bit of a mess technically but I loved it. I've been thinking about this pattern a lot recently and every smart/casual occasion that has come up recently I've thought 'oooh Martha would be nice to wear', but my first one hasn't lasted well. Time to make Martha round 2!

9. Nina Lee London 'Kew' Dress

Oh this pattern. I absolutely disrespected this pattern the first time I tried it and I can't quite bring myself to look at it again. That dress has never seen the light of day, but gosh I love this pattern and long to make a successful one! Mine was all down to a horrible, very lazy fit (all my fault), so I need to have a proper look at this one and make my dream dress.

I hope 2020 will be productive and will lead to me creating a more coordinated wardrobe which suits my style (since shedding the pinup stuff). I feel much more comfortable in my skin and hope to reflect that in my makes.

Have you put together a list of makes for 2020?

Thanks for reading.
Abi xo

P.S. I'm starting the decade with a fiancé, so that's pretty nice too!

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  1. Hya Abi, congratulations on your engagement and wishing you both all the best for the future. I don't even try to make a list of projects as I think I would end up being distracted from it for other items. I don't sew very fast and am still struggling with fit issues so my aim for this year is to overcome them. I'm not so hot on crochet either, need to practise. Happy New Year to you both.