Vlog: My Most Worn Makes of 2019

by - 1/15/2020

For me 2019 was a big turning point in my sewing and knitting. It was the year I switched my blog name and embraced a more relaxed style. I think last year was truly the first time since I started dressmaking that I actually made useful, wearable garments which I love. I'm no longer sewing vintage floral dresses willy nilly, I just don't dress like that enough to justify it, and I dipped my toe into the 70s for the first time and it lead my sewing in a new direction.

So at the risk of trying and failing at YouTube for the 100th time, I've filmed a vlog showing you my most worn makes of last year. It's pretty chatty and relaxed and I hope you enjoy it. Find the video below:

1. Tilly and the Buttons - Coco and Francoise 60s mash up - Fabric bought in store.
Check out this amazing dogtooth fabric I think would work well HERE.

2. Simplicity 8608 - Jersey Jumpsuit - Fabric bought in store.
I've found an alternative HERE

3. Deer and Doe - Myosotis Dress - Fabric now sold out.

4. Simplicity 6301 - Jersey Wrap Dress - Fabric bought in store.

5. All About Ami - Downtown Cardigan - Lilac Yarn
We Are Knitters Simone Cardigan - Blue Yarn

Thanks for watching!
Abi xo

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