My 1960s Inspired, Retro Sewing Pattern Picks & A Mary Quant Mini Dress

by - 2/09/2020

It's no secret 1960s style is my jam. It's something, no matter what fashion phase I'm going through, that I've always come back to since my teens. Whilst I don't back comb my hair into a beehive everyday for work anymore, there are certainly elements that won't leave me!

As I'm on a bit of a roll with content for my YouTube channel at the moment and with 60s style on my mind after visiting the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A, I filmed a video absolutely stuffed with retro patterns.

As I think there is a great selection on offer from modern designers and I personally don't sew with true vintage patterns (no issue with them, just never find them in my size), I've put together a selection of my favourite 1960s inspired, retro sewing patterns. There's a little bit of everything in there, so if you like vintage style, I hope you'll find something you love and enjoy the vlog.

My 1960s Inspired Sewing Pattern Picks:

Check out the description on the video for a list of all the patterns mentioned.

I'd like to use the other half of this blog post to tell you all about this dress. I made it the day before we went to the Mary Quant exhibition, because obviously I needed to make a new dress last minute? And what better than to sew the pattern designed especially for the exhibition!

Firstly, just what a flipping cool pattern. If you like 60s style you NEED to download this. It's a very basic sewing pattern with heaps of options for customisation. Including various collar and pocket options. I chose the key hole neck with the pointed collar, cuffed long sleeves and no pockets. I wasn't going to do a contrast collar, but then I wondered 'what would Sabrina do?' (my current TV obsession) so I figured, go big or go home.

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: We Want Quant - Mary Quant Mini Dress Pattern

Fabric: Medium weight viscose (bought in store) & cotton for the collar.

Notions: A self covered button for the neck.

Sewing time: Half a day.

Modifications: None.

Fit: Good. Surprisingly good. I didn't make any alterations and it fits me well around the bust and the length is just the right 'mini' length on my 5"4 frame.

Difficulty: Simple. There are no fastenings so that makes the sewing very simple. The trickiest bit is making sure the collar is stitched properly.

Watch out for: The collar requires lots of pinning and pressing to get it to look neat and sharp.

Make Again?: Yes! Absolutely. I can definitely see myself grabbing this pattern for lots of spontaneous sewing in the future. With so many options for the pattern, I don't think I'll be getting bored of it.

Overall, my love for 1960s fashion is stronger than ever and the #WeWantQuant pattern is my favourite thing I've made in a long time. It's super simple, comfy and gives an instant 60s look. I've worn this a bunch already and I love how on the verge of fancy dress it is, right up my style street!

I hope you enjoy the vlog, I'm really enjoying YouTube at the moment and I hope you guys can see that and will find the vlog inspiring.

Thanks for reading and watching!
Abi xo

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