5 Simple Crafts to Learn at Home (that don't cost the earth)

by - 3/26/2020

Hello! Fear not, the only 'C' word you'll be hearing about in this blog post is crafts! A lot of people all over the world are spending more time indoors due to the pandemic. As somebody who works from home anyway but who has also tried her hand at lots of different kinds of crafts, I thought I'd use my crafty experience to put together a blog post featuring my favourite at home crafts you can do without investing a great deal.

Not only will learning a new craft hopefully ease any boredom you might have, crafting is also great for your mental health (check out THIS blog post I wrote about sewing and mental health). During this anxious time, spending some time learning something new refocuses your mind and calms you. Whilst you also set yourself a goal to finish a project and are still being productive.

So if you're able to, why not check out some of my favourite crafts to get stuck into, without investing a lot of money or buying tonnes of supplies...

Firstly, I just want to shout out Skillshare:

I'm a Skillshare ambassador and have got a lot out of the platform myself, so I'd like to start by mentioning it, not as part of my list, but as a general introduction to online creative learning. There are THOUSANDS of classes on there, some really short and some with longer projects. From calligraphy and knitting to photography and editing, you'll find something for you.


You don't have to put in any payment details to sign up, so there's zero commitment. Why not just sign up and make the most of your two free weeks?

Lets get into my list...

1. Knitting

I could ramble on about how knitting has changed my life, but I want to keep this post relatively less wordy and I don't want to repeat myself here. But I wrote a blog post all about learning to knit HERE - it includes all the basic supplies you need, patterns to start with and what I've made.

Get £10 off your first order at We Are Knitters with my referral code: MGM9VDFLT 

It's fast become one of my favourite creative things to do. I stick to simple, chunky knitting and with some basic shapes you can make jumpers and cardigans or even just a giant squishy blanket to hide in.

2. Weaving/Woven Wall Hangings

Creating a woven wall hanging was one of the first classes I took on Skillshare and I've got plans to make a second soon (knitters end up with a lot of random yarns!). You don't have to spend a lot of money on supplies and I found this craft really therapeutic.

You'll need:
- A weaving loom
- A selection of yarn - it doesn't matter what kind, you can mix & match what you like!
- A wooden dowel and string to hang your project with

Pinterest is FULL of woven wall hanging inspiration if you want some colour palette and pattern ideas. I've got a board full of my faves HERE.

3. Watercolour Painting

This is something I've only started doing this year, again taking online classes and I've really enjoyed learning water colour techniques to paint florals.

You'll need:
- A watercolour paint set
- Paint brushes
- A sketch book

4. Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is one of the first crafty things I tried growing up as it was something that I saw my mum doing. I couldn't count the number of cross stitch projects I've started (and stopped!) over the years, but I do have a few finished projects I love.

You'll need:
- A pattern - you can find lots for free too!
- A hoop
- Needle
- Aida count fabric
- Threads

Please excuse the plug, but if you like sewing and want to try cross stitch I've designed a sewing machine pattern which you can buy as a PDF pattern download OR I've put everything you need together for a handy kit - delivered straight to your door!

5. Sewing

I wasn't sure whether to include sewing in this post, or write a separate one (which I think I'll still do), but I know lots of people have basic sewing machines they bought a while back but then packed away again.

There's plenty of very simple but satisfying sewing projects out there, that don't require loads of supplies or skill.

- Scrunchies - the internet is overflowing with DIY scrunchies tutorials at the mo. Check out THIS one from one of my faves.
- Cushions - why not make your home extra cosy if you're going to be spending more time there.
- Tea Towels - another way to add a touch of colour or pattern to your kitchen.
- Cosmetic Bags - learn how to sew a basic zip with a simple project like zip pouches.

Or perhaps now is the time to mend those clothes you've been avoiding? I've got a small pile of alterations, including a skirt that's too big and a cardigan that needs a shoulder repair.




I hope this post has inspired you to get crafty and try your hand at something new. And if you're reeeeally bored, I've got a bunch of vlogs on YouTube you can catch up on haha.

Are you getting crafty during isolation?

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: contains affiliate links.

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