Make The Look: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Sewing & Knitting Patterns!)

by - 1/14/2021

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It was only going to be a matter of time until this blog post appeared. As an openly obsessed Sabrina addict on Instagram, I thought it was about time I got some inspiration together to make your own Spellman looks, and honestly, I'm doing that anyway so creating this post is easy peasy.

In this post you'll find sewing patterns and fabrics to sew smart-casual looks inspired by the show (sorry no fancy dresses here, I want the everyday looks!), along with some patterns and wool for those knitwear fans out there too! Now I could spend a VERY long time on this post, but there's only so much time I can spend in this rabbit hole. So I've picked out some of my favourite inspired by looks, with a focus on indie patterns. 

Tops & Bottoms

Roll up, roll up! You need a roll neck top ASAP.


Minis & Cigarette Pants all the way!

1. Tilly and the Buttons 'Bobbi' Skirt
2. Tilly and the Buttons 'Arielle' Skirt
3. Sew Over It 'Ultimate Trousers'
Special mention to 'Gertie Sews Vintage Casuals' for some top notch retro day wear that definitely worth checking out.


It's all about the collars & the layers...


Needles at the ready witches. Tight knits, lace work and floral embroidery!

1. Wool and the Gang 'Edith' Cardigan (as soon as I spotted the floral embroidered knitwear in Part 4 I was very excited to have this kit in my possession already!)

Honestly literally any of the knitting pattern designs by Untangling Knots & Poison Grrls are excellent choices for Sabrina Spellman style knitwear, it was hard to choose what to highlight here. My comfort zone is chunky and I haven't ventured into fitted knitwear but now my need is stronger than ever. But where to start!

As I was putting this post together, I was watching the last episode and thought I had all my knitwear covered. Then this absolute DREAM of a red and pink heart jumper appeared and floored me. So here's a special mention! I actually downloaded this knitting pattern over a year ago, started it and abandoned it. Now I must immediately find it again! 

Featured in the main post image:

Top of image patterns:

Bottom of image:


Other Sabrina style essentials:
- Leather mini skirt
- Satin pjs with piping details a la the Carolyn Pjs Pattern
- Lace trimmed slips
- A black satin headband, obviously


Thanks so much for checking out my blog post about creating your own Chilling Adventures of Sabrina looks! I've enjoyed the styling so much throughout all the seasons and her casual looks are my favourites and something I've enjoyed recreating in the colder months. I'll miss the show so much and I hope you've found this post inspiring.

If you have a recommendation for a Sabrina inspired sewing pattern or fabric, don't forget to leave a comment. Thank you!

Abi xo

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