Make Nine 2021 Plans & a Look Back at 2020's Line Up

by - 1/03/2021

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The first blog post of the New Year has to be a Make Nine right? It's tradition around here now. Even though I don't always have massive success with my plans, I feel good about last year's and I enjoy putting a list of potential makes together for the year ahead.

So, much like last year's line up (you can check out my 2020 Make Nine HERE), I'm sticking to the theme of finishing some already started projects or using some of what I have. I included some fabric last year, but this year I've just stuck to my outstanding knitting projects, plus my wedding dress fabric which I already have. I hate having so many knitting projects on the go, but still want to complete them all, so I put them on this list in hopes I wouldn't go down a rabbit hole of looking at new things. 

Let's have a break down of my plans...

1. THIS flipping red yarn. I've started projects with this red yarn about 4 times now. I know I would get a lot of wear out of whatever I eventually make out of it and 2021 WILL be the year I use it dammit. Currently it's a WIP cardigan but don't ask me what pattern because I have no idea what I was making *insert crying emoji here*. I'm my own worst enemy. 

2. Nina Lee 'Bakerloo' Dress. Obviously. I got this pattern for Christmas and it's next on my to make list.

3. Purl Foundry 'Cable Mesh Sweater'. 2020 was the year I tackled and loved cable knitting and I love the look of this sweater pattern, which Purl Foundry kindly sent me a copy of and I haven't got around to using yet. It looks like the perfect Spring knit to layer over slip dresses, a la Rouje style, so I best get started if I want to wear this any time soon. Yikes. I guess I'm adding a 4th project to my WIP knitting pile...

4. Historical sewing. This is something I've been doing a lot of in secret I suppose over the past few months. I've made a few pairs of stays and am loving everything about it. So consider this entry a general "historical garment" because there's a few styles I'd like to tackle but I haven't made my mind up which yet. This pattern is the Butterick 4254 which I have cut out and ready to sew already.

5. My dream coat. THIS Alexa Chung coat haunts me and I'd love to sew something similar. I love the rich colour and the gingham lining, it's a forever coat. I'd love to make something like this to wear ideally ASAP, so I'm tempted to start looking for fabrics and patterns. But it's a great transitional style so I know it'll be great at the end of the year too. I'm terrible for making/buying coats too big for me and for once I would like to make one that doesn't swamp me, is made well and is practical. 

6. My wedding dress. Let's just ignore that one for now shall we. But THIS is the fabric I'm using and that's all I know.

7. Wool and the Gang 'Edith Cardigan' aka my dream knitting kit. What a beauty. The mini cables, the mint colour, the flower embroidery. I'm about half way through after a two month hiatus and dammit I want this on my body in the next couple of months!

8. Tilly and the Buttons 'Françoise'. Much like the 'Martha' pattern which was on last year's Make Nine, this is a favourite pattern of mine style wise, that I totally disrespected when I first made it and desperately want to redeem myself! A simple black one would suit my wardrobe. 

8. Simple cardigan. This started as my need for a dark cardigan after knitting a bit of a dodgy one. I loved this multicoloured speckled grey yarn and am just knitting in garter stitch to make something simple and cosy.


Let's have a look at last year's Make Nine:


1. Wool and the Gang 'Malibu' Sweater - sold this kit.
2. Became a Sew Over It 'Eve Wrap Dress. Which you can see in THIS vlog post.
3. Completed! Which I wore in THIS vlog.
4. Sold on.
5. Lost interest/no need for it.
6. Yes! I've made a few things from this book now.
7. Lost interest.
8. Hell yes! Check out THIS blog post for one of my favourite makes ever!
9. Lost interest (for now).

So overall, last year's was quite successful and I'm pleased with what I achieved. 


I'm feeling good about 2021's Make Nine plans, having those unfinished knitting projects is starting to stress me out, so hopefully this will keep me focused. 

Thanks for reading!
Abi xo

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