How to Make a Pin Display Banner

by - 2/05/2021

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Looking for a way to show off and display your growing enamel pin badge collection? Then look no further! I've been wanting to make one of these display banners for a long time, as my ever expanding pin collection has been knocking around all over the place! I've got some in a box, some in a dish, and some lost never to be seen again! So I thought it was about time I treated my pins properly and create a cute and secure way to keep track of them, whilst brightening up my office.



To make your own pin display banner you will need:

- a wooden dowel rod
- something to hang you banner with e.g. ribbon or string
- cotton fabric
- medium weight interfacing
- an A4 piece of paper (to make your pattern)

Along with:

- a sewing machine
- basic sewing supplies
- a selection of your fave pins of course!





Step 1 - Make your pattern

Of course you can make your banner as small or large as you like. To make life easy I'm using an A4 piece of paper to make my pattern and would say it's a good medium size for a selection of pins.

Have your paper portrait and mark the centre of the bottom edge. Fold your two bottom corners in to meet the centre, creating a banner shape. Tada, this is now your pattern piece, minus seam allowance.

Step 2 - Cut out your banner

First, you will cut out 2 banner pieces from your cotton fabric. Fold your fabric to create 2 layers, and lay your paper pattern piece on top. Mark a 1cm seam allowance around the 2 long sides and pointed bottom edges. Mark an extra 1 inch at the top.

You can do this on larger paper before this step to create a pattern that includes seam allowance if you like, but this saves paper. 

Cut out your cotton banner pieces.

Depending on the weight of your fabric, you will also need to interface these pattern pieces. The fabric I'm using for this banner is actually a linen, it is quite drapey so I've used a medium-heavy weight interfacing on one piece to hold its shape. You may find 2 pieces of cotton fabric will be thick enough, or if your fabric leans more towards viscose, you will need to use interfacing. 

Step 3 - Sew your banner shape

Once you've cut out all your banner pieces and interfaced your fabric (if you needed to), it's time to sew!

Lay your fabric right sides together, and sew around the sides and bottom point edges with a 1cm seam allowance. Sew across the top of your banner but leave a gap in the centre (about 5cm) so you can turn your banner right side out.

Trim your corner points and seam allowances. This will make your points/corners nice and sharp!

Turn your banner the right side out. Press, making sure to fold in the top seam allowance where your gap is.

Step 4 - Finish your banner

Once your banner is neatly pressed. Fold over the top of your banner about 1 inch (or to fit the size of the wooden dowel you have). Pin, press and sew across. Forming a channel for your dowel.

Step 5 - Start pinning!

Insert the wooden dowel in the channel you just created. Then tie your ribbon (or string etc) around the dowel at each end to your desired length. 

Then start adding those pins! First, I placed my pins on top so I could figure out where to pin them so the weight was nicely balanced and before I started making holes. Then pop your pins on and hang up and admire!

Customise it!

- Add a pom pom trim 
- Make the banner shape a triangle 
- Paint your wooden dowel 


If you try this pin display banner tutorial please take a photo and share it on Instagram and tag me @craftypinupshop - I'd love to see and share! 

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Thanks for reading,

Abi xo

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