How To Sew Woven Labels

by - 2/05/2021

 Originally posted on my shop blog.

Woven labels are a fun way to add a touch of customisation to your makes. I love the pop of colour they add and the fact they make anything you make look a touch more professional. I've designed a collection of crafty woven labels in a range of colours with various quotes, so you'll be sure to find one to suit your next project!

I've only started using woven label in my makes over the past year, there's so many cute ones out there right now! So I thought I would put together a blog post to share some ways on how to sew labels into your makes. Whether you're worried you'll find labels itchy or if you want to make a statement! 

Here are a few popular ways to stitch and show off woven labels in your sewing projects:

1. The most common way I stitch in my labels, is in the facing of my makes. I sew a lot of dresses, most of which will have a neck facing and that's a classic label spot! A regular straight stitch will be perfect for my flat labels. I like to switch it up, but you can either stitch around the whole label like a box, close to the edge and pivoting at the corners. Or simply sew a straight line at either end. 

Top Tip: Instead of using pins and potentially making a hole in your garment, stabilise the label with a strip of washi tape! 

2. Do you find labels in your clothes itchy? Or perhaps you want to be extra snazzy with your stitching? Try a mini zig zag stitch! This will encase the label, making sure there are no spikey corners or edges to rub against your skin. This stitch looks super cute, why not try stitching in a contrasting colour to make a statement of it too.

3. If you have the patience, hand sewing your labels is always an option. I'm terrible at hand sewing, so if I can do it on my machine, I'd rather do that, but I'm also a knitter and to attach labels to my knitwear hand sewing is a must. I like to do a little 'X' stitch on each corner to secure a label or a couple of running stitches, but make sure to catch enough yarn! 

4. Display your labels on the outside! Again if you're worried about itchy label but still want to add them to your makes, how about attaching one to the outside of your hem?


I hope this woven label guide was helpful and will inspire you to add one to your next make! Why not check out my Woven Label Multi Pack, that way you don't have to pick a fave!

Thanks for reading, pinups!

Abi xo

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